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Rossiya 24 TV about terrible conditions in KGB remand jail (Video)  ?

12:16, — Politics

Rossiya 24 TV about terrible conditions in KGB remand jail (Video)

Rossiya 24 TV channel read a letter from an inmate of the KGB remand jail, where Uralkali CEO is held.

The article Baumgertner in Belarusian Guantanamo prison citing the letter was published by the website inmates of the KGB remand jail have especially strict confinement conditions.

The story citing the letter from was titled The life of inmates in KGB jail in Minsk: Shocking details.

New inmates are usually placed in cells No. 17 or 18 on the northern side. It's always dark here. A cell reminds a coffin three steps in length and three steps in width without right angles. The cell has a narrow tinted window. A weak electric bulb is working constantly. Eyes begin to ache and vision decreases due to lack of light. Loose bedsprings, only cold water in the washbasing, a plastic bucket instead of a toilet. The so called ship ladder a steep metal ladder is near the cell. Inmates have to run up and down the ladder several times a day. An inmate cannot enjoy silence: if he relaxes a little, he hears clanks of locks or questions of prison officers.

One loses time perception and space orientation during the first 24 hours. Eight of ten people agree to cooperate with investigators after this, Rossiya 24 TV says.

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