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Max Lorens and Didyulya demand to cancel results of Eurovision national selection  ? 138

10:24, — Culture

Max Lorens and Didyulya  demand to cancel results of Eurovision national selection

The musicians appealed to Lukashenka.

Scandals over the Belarusian national final don't stop. People don't agree with the opinion of the jury. A petition to cancel the results of the Eurovision national final appeared on the website on January 11. Max Lorens & Didyulya, the duet that was most offended by the jury's decision, chose not to stand aside. The musicians sent a letter to Lukashenka asking to review the results of the national selection, reports.

Extracts from the letter are below:

Members of the jury demonstratively ignored the opinion of people who found our duet worth representing Belarus at the European song contest in Denmark. The opinion of thousands of voters was ignored. Eight people made a decision on behalf of the entire country. Moreover, organisers of the national selection made the following gross violations: not all members of the jury were present (the chair was absent); the jury voted and jury rankings were calculated after the televote results were announced thus giving the opportunity to rig the results. The result of the national selection was as if people didn't vote at all.

In view of the above we demand:

1) to bring the national selection procedures in compliance with the general European approach: if two or more finalists have an equal number of votes, the song which obtained the most votes from the televotes (not the jury) should be ranked higher; and to give both sides equal conditions for voting;

2) to review the results of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest national selection and give the right to represent the Republic of Belarus to the duet Max Lorens & Didyulya that received the most votes from the televotes (8,746), which is well ahead of TEO (5,088 votes).

The musicians say they plan to play a concert For Fair Voting. Details haven't been revealed, but the concert will be free.

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