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Leanid Zaika: Miasnikovich is only expected in China and North Korea 7

14:37, — Politics

Leanid Zaika: Miasnikovich is only expected in China and North Korea

Still the visit of the Belarusian Prime Minister to China will remain barely noticed.

Such an opinion came from the head of the analytical center Strategy, an economist Leanid Zaika as he commented for the web-site on Miasnikovichs visit to China.

This will not be a kind of an overwhelming event for Cina and will remain barely noticed. Imagine, a representative of a country is coming, which is 140 times smaller, - the expert noted.

The analyst added that it is generally difficult for Miasnikovich to go somewhere he is not accepted in Europe, while they do not eagerly invite him to the neighboring countries.

Only such countries remains as North Korea and China. But I hope that Mikhail Miasnikovich will use the time successfully, and I would advise him to buy at least a hundred tablets in China. Or he could negotiate so the Chinese presented those as a gift. They are very kind people. It will at least allow to say that the visit was successful, - the economist believes.

Leanid Zaika is convinced that the Belarusian leadership should not go to exotic countries, Europe and ski resorts.

I feel sorry for Michael Schumacher and Angela Merkel. This is, by the way, is such a warning for our president. What if they ski together with Putin and get deadly injured? That is why it is good that Mikhail Miasnikovich is going to China, not Courchevel. He should bring 100 tablets for government members. They will look smarter and more intelligent with tablets. It is bad that they installed Korean screens for them and attached the Integral label. What is the big screen for? One should live within one's means, - the Strategys head ironically concluded.

We would remind that Belarus Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich will go China on 19-24 January with an official visit.

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