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Doctors concealed information on Julia Kubaravas operation  ? 36

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Doctors concealed information on Julia Kubaravas operation

The personnel of the Ecomedservice medical center concealed from the inspection the fact of resuscitation measures taken during the operation.

A witness Jury Hierasimovich told that in court on 15 January, who in March 2013 was the head of the plastic surgery department and chaired the internal investigation taken right after Julia Kubaravas unsuccessful operation, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to him, surgeon Viktar Sierabro and anesthetist Aliaksandr Shurau in their explanations admitted that during the operation the machine for artificial ventilation of the lungs was malfunctioning. As to the operation, they said it only stopped only for several minites.

The commission found out that Aliaksandr Shurau and Viktar Sierabro left Ecomedservice after the operation without waiting for the patient to wake up. Shurau explained that he believed the patient was alright. Sierabro also said that everything was alright in his domain, - the witness Hierasimovich remembered. According to the witness, in Kubaravas medical record, sent together with the patient to the 4th hospital, there was no information on an incident during the operation at all.

We would remind that on 9 January hearings started in the court of Minsks October district on the criminal case on the death of Ecomedservices patient Julia Kubarava. The girl died after having had a plastic surgery. The people, involved in the criminal case are the medical centers director general Halina Valzhankina and the chief engineer of the center Uladzimir Likhuta (article 428 of the Criminal Code of Belarus professional negligence), and the anesthetist doctor Aliaksandr Shurau (part two of the article 162 of the Criminal Code undue execution of professional duties, entailing the dath of a patient due to carelessness).

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