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Lukashenka suggested constructing houses for Minsk residents in swamps  ? 215

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Lukashenka suggested constructing houses for Minsk residents in swamps

Construction of residential houses in the capital has been forbidden.

I said that already and I will repeat: we cannot keep the rates of construction in Minsk, like it was before, - Lukashenka claimed. He spoke in favor of forbidding to erect new houses in the capital at a meeting that took place today, Interfax reports.

We have oversaturated Minks with population and are starting to get certain problems caused by that overpopulation, - the president emphasized. In this regard he claimed that the construction of residential houses and industrial facilities or other infrastructure constructions would only be allowed as an exception. Construction is forbidden in Minsk, for the exception of where it is necessary, - Lukashenka added.

According to him, the number of Minsk residents grows by 10-17 thousand annually, and taking into account those, who comes to work daily, the capitals population already surpasses 2 million people, BelTA reports.

However, capitals territorial capacities for accommodating industry facilities as well as providing Minsk residents with housing are already exhausted. In terms of population density Minsk already 2-3 times exceeds a number of European capitals such as Berlin and Prague, - the ruler claimed.

Speaking on the opportunities of construction in the lines of the Belarusian capital, Lukashenka urged to use the territory rationally and warned against building residential houses in the lands of agricultural importance.

We have enough swamps, bad lands, waste lands, which could be put in order and accommodate multistory buildings and other buildings or industrial facilities. It is even better to cut a forest and build a settlement there, than to take lands from agriculture. Pick pieces of 3-4 hectares and build there, - the Belarusian ruler claimed.

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