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Andrei Sannikov: Ukrainians struggle for Belarus's freedom too  ? photos

11:20, — Politics

Andrei Sannikov: Ukrainians struggle for Belarus's freedom too

The leader of the civil campaign European Belarus appeared in the televised show WarsawKyiv.

The politician began his speech with the words Glory to Ukraine and then said:

I think it's no coincidence that the situation escalated during the show 'WarsawKyiv'. Criminal authorities, dictators and autocrats are afraid of solidarity. We know that Poland is the cradle of the Central European solidarity. The entire world has solidarity with Maidan now. The Euromaidan rally is the world's significant event. Millions of people in Belarus, Europe, the United States have been with Ukrainians for for all these days. They remain with Ukrainians today too.

The situation is very complicated and strained. It requires both our support and actions. Not only public activists, but also European and world politicians should join the solidarity movement.

Dictators unite. We see what is going on in my country, Belarus, and what's going on in Russia. Dictators can act really effectively. The example of Ukraine demonstrates it.

But what Ukrainians have done on Maidan, what they are doing for all of us is great power. They are real heroes struggling for their country's freedom, for freedom of my country Belarus and for freedom of the peoples of Russia. We should support them. Glory to Ukraine! Long live Belarus!

The leader of the European Belarus campaign appeared in the studio of Republika TV to discuss the events in Ukraine.

It's no coincidence that the Ukrainian authorities didn't sign the Association Agreement with the EU. It's no coincidence that Yanukovych secretly adopted and signed tough laws. It shows the authorities prepare to disperse the protests.

Yanukovych wants to get the power that Lukashenka has in Belarus. Dictators leave people no choice but to protest on squares. None violent measures by the authorities can stop the wave of people's will and solidarity. Maidan has won and Yanukovych has lost, Sannikov said.

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