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Armed Forces combat readiness inspection begins 32

13:27, — Army

Armed Forces combat readiness inspection begins

The checkup of the combat readiness of the Belarusian Armed Forces has begun on the instruction of Lukashenka.

Today at 12h00 Lukashenkas instruction was handed over to the Defense Minister. Under the instruction, the checkup of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces has begun. It is designed to assess the ability of military agencies and commanders to manage military units and detachments which are subordinate to them. It will also reveal whether military units, detachments of the Armed Forces and territorial defense forces are ready to carry out their assignments, the Security Council said. Close attention will be given to the checkup of the readiness of weapons and military equipment for deployment.

Military agencies at all levels (strategic, operative and tactical) will be subjected to the checkup. It will apply to military units and detachments of the Armed Forces, almost all corps along with territorial defense forces.

The peculiarity of the task is that the defense missile system Tor-M2 will be put in service. Earlier this complex was tested at the Ashuluk firing range in the Russian Federation. Now it will be tested by the Belarusian air defense forces, the Security Council said. Another piece of equipment, the new Belarus-made radar station Rosa-RB, will be tested in woodland.

The checkup will focus on the air forces and air defense forces which protect not only the countrys borders but also the outer boundaries of the Union State. In line with the Presidents decision, the air defense forces on duty are subjected to a thorough inspection, which also involves the use of training targets.

Special attention will be also given to the protection of facilities and installations, transportation lines and state borders in the run-up to the 2014 IIHF World Championship. Thus an integrated approach will be used to the inspection of the Armed Forces, the Security Council underlined.

In the next few days the number of military agencies and troops to be involved in the inspection will be increased.

The results of the checkup will be thoroughly analyzed and used in the further training of the Armed Forces.

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