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Vital Rymasheuski: Lukashenka understands no one's going to vote 36

14:13, — Politics

Vital Rymasheuski: Lukashenka understands no one's going to vote

Belarusians won't go to the local polls.

Vital Rymasheuski, a co-head of the organising committee to open the Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BCD), spoke to about Lukashenka's call to vote at the local elections.

No surprise that Lukashenka calls to take part in the show organised by Yarmoshyna. The boycott ban and forcing people to vote are two sides of the same coin. He needs to demonstrate the West that we have elections. Intended absence of Belarusian citizens at polling stations is a demonstration of the protest that every Belarusian can do. Lukashenka's ideologists will have a hard time. Empty polling stations cannot be hidden in spite of pseudo-opinion polls and ballot rigging. Lukashenka understands no one will go to the polls. It explains his reaction and desire to force people to vote, the politician thinks.

The BCD co-head is confident that methods of enforcement will be used again despite the cancellation of the minimum voter turnout. People will be lured to polling stations with vodka and other things.

As for the statements that the 2015 presidential 'elections' will be honest, they cannot be legal if Lukashenka runs for presidency. The 'referendum' in 2004, which cancelled the Constitution, wasn't recognised democratic and legitimate. He [Lukashenka] doesn't have the right to run in elections, Vital Rymasheuski said.

The Belarusian ruler urged Belarusians to vote at the local council elections at yesterday's meeting with heads of the Belarusian mass media.

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