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Lukashenka calls pro-EU protests nightmare

17:59, — Politics

Lukashenka calls pro-EU protests nightmare

The dictator thinks protests in Ukraine were organised by Poles.

He said it during a meeting with heads of Belarusian mass media, BelaPAN news agency reports.

The events in Ukraine is a nightmare and disaster. It's not my business. They will handle it themselves. But I will say yes or no, if I will help or not, if they ask me. If this destructive crowd takes power at the nearest presidential elections, it will last long, he said.

He expressed a hope that the conflict in Ukraine will be resolved and won't have negative impacts on Ukraine's CIC chairmanship in 2014.

Let's hope Ukraine's chairmanship in the CIC will go smoothly and no one will postpone the CIC summit. On the contrary, I am sure Yanukovych will want to host the summit, while we, Russia and other countries will support Ukraine, its stability and the president, because he is the main representative of the authorities, he said.

It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. They've faced that mess with the so called market. They country is divided between oligarchs. It's always bad when a president's children begin to run businesses. It's also bad when wives and mistresses put on crowns, Lukashenka said.

According to him, external forces influence the situation in Ukraine. Poles were involved. They almost applied the programme to bring Ukraine to Europe. I am afraid that Ukraine may finally and publicly become the scene of clashes between East and West, Lukashenka said.

protesters, among them radical activists, went to picket the Verkhovna Rada after the ninth people's meeting. They met the police near the Lobanovsky Stadium. Clashes between radical activists and the police started. Protesters began to set police vehicles on fire. The police used water cannons and rubber bullets. Both sides are reported to have scores of injured people. The US and the EU called to start negotiations involving all sides to solve the political conflict, consider the demands of the protesters and prevent the escalation of violence. President Viktor Yanukovych suggested holding a round-table discussion with opposition representatives.

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