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Babruisk residents: What elections? You're kidding 23

13:17, — Politics

Babruisk residents: What elections? You're kidding

People from Babruisk don't hurry to vote at the local elections.

Only 47 applications for the registration of initiative groups were filed. An official source doesn't inform how many applications were approved and who will run in the polls, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Nine initiative groups of Babruisk members of the Tell the Truth campaign were registered at the elections to the city council, coordinator Alena Miadzvedzeva says. Ten groups were registered for the regional council. This is the less advertised campaign in Babruisk I can remember. People don't know anything. We collect signatures and people say: 'What elections? You're kidding!' They don't want to put their signatures even when we show all necessary documents and our passports. They say they don't need local council members, because there's no use of them.

The number of aspirants for a seat in local councils is likely to increase by February 10, the deadline for proposing candidates by labour groups and political parties. Babruisk has 107 polling stations.

Twenty polling stations will work in the Babruisk district. The district electoral commission registered 68 initiative groups out of 68 filed applications. According to commission chair Valety Kazlou, all documents were filled correctly and submitted on time.

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