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Belarusian press photographer Siarhiej Hryc shot at again 7

14:19, — Society

Belarusian press photographer Siarhiej Hryc shot at again

The journalist was shot at twice.

A well-known Belarusian press photographer, a journalist of the Associated Press agency Siarhiej Hryc, who is working these days in Kiev, told Narodnaja Vola that yesterday he twice had been shot at.

- There was no action on the part of police today in the morning, journalists did not feel endangered, - the interlocutor told over the phone. But yesterday in Hrusheuskaha Street I was twice shot at with rubber bullets in the morning and in the evening. First time the bullet went near the face and got in the jackets hood. In the evening, though, I was less lucky the shot was accurate so that I felt it down to the lungs. I did not seek for medical assistance, but it was unpleasant. I sat aside for a while until the pain went away My Belarusian colleague Vasil Fiedasinka caught the same bullet into his forehead between the protective glasses and helmet.

Anti-government protests have been going on for over two months in Ukraine. On 22 January the most serious clashes took place between the protesters and special police forces. Another cleansing attempt took place in Hrushevskoho Street in Kiev. Riot police and interior troops attacked the barricades, erected by the protesters. The Special Forces went beyond the line of the busses, burnt two days before. The people tried to escape, but the troops chased them and beat up.

As a result of the clashes at least three people were killed, several hundred wounded. Two protesters, among whom there is a Belarusian Mikhail Zhyznieuski, were shot by riot police. One was thrown off the stadium colonnade by riot police and died in resuscitation department.

Photo: Zurab Kurtsikidze

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