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Maydan keeps fighting (Video, online)  ? 121

4:59, — Europa

Hrushevskoho Street proclaimed the territory of peaceful Maydan.

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Ukrainian opposition politicians reported of the results of the negotiations with president Yanukovych late in the evening on 23 January, reports.

Maydan refused to stop fighting in Hrushevskoho Street in exchange for the release of the detained activists. By a vote the decision was made to keep fighting and expand Maydans territory.

Vitaly Klychko, Oleh Tiahnybok and Arseniy Yatseniuk came to Maydan in order to report of the results of the negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych.

First spoke the leader of UDAR party Vitaly Klychko. He urged the protesters in Hrushevskoho Street in Kiev to abstain from violence.

According to him, the authorities promised to release the detained protesters. The only thing we managed to agree on at the meeting with Yanukovych is the promise to release all the activists, if there is no confrontation, - Klychko stated from Maydans stage.

The protesters responded to this politicians statement with chants For shame!. Klychko added that we would not give up, however he did not want possible victims in the course of further confrontations.

After that the leader of the Ukraine-wide association Svoboda Oleh Tiahnybok spoke from Maydans stage. First he claimed that the authorities were ready to arrest about a thousand activists within 5 days in case clashes with police continued. The authorities at the same time were ready to guarantee that protesters would not be arrested in the case the clashes did not go on. Both Klychko and Tiahnybok called on the protesters for an armistice until the following morning.

From the stage of Maydan Tiahnybok held a vote: whether to stop the struggle or keep on. Maydan voted for quitting the negotiations and continuing the fight.

At the same time Svobodas leader demanded discipline. A request for the same came from Arseniy Yatseniuk as well, who spoke next.

He stated that the territory controlled by the protesters in Kiev city center would be expanded towards the block with government buildings.

I am speaking to Andrij Parubij (one of Maydans commandants): expand Maydans territory along Instytutska Street up to Olhynska Street, - Yatseniuk stated.

The politician also proclaimed Hrushevskoho Street the territory of Maydan. At the same time he pointed out that the expanded Maydan should be peaceful.

No one makes any other steps besides the ones agreed upon. We keep negotiating in order to achieve an actual result, not that they promise and do not deliver, - Yatseniuk is quoted in Ukrainian Truth newspaper.

We proclaim Hrushevskoho Street Maydans territory. Not a step back. I am asking everyone for discipline, - Yatseniuk urged.

Live streams from Kiev:

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