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Vaskovichs relatives visited him in prison 2

11:59, — Politics

Vaskovichs relatives visited him in prison

Jauhien Vaskovichs mother and grandmother visited him in prison.

Rushania Vaskovich is laconic about the visit to the prison number 4 in Mahilou, where her son Jauhien is serving a 7-year term.

- You understand how such meetings proceed, through the glass, over the phone, this impedes talking openly, - Rushania Vaskovich says. But Jauhien smiled all the time sincerely and whole-heartedly, like in the times he was free. He lost a bit of weight, but he has always been thin, that is why we cannot speak of large weight loss. Of course, it is noticeable, that he lacks sunlight, vitamins, like any person behind bars.

Vaskovichs says the problem remains with subscribing the son for newspapers, the human rights center Viasna reports.

- The head of the prison advised him to use the private account for paying for newspapers, subscribe to them directly. This means they meet him half way. I cannot tell why he spends so much time in a penal cell, Jauhien does not speak about that. He speaks a lot about friends, he remembers everyone, he thanks everyone for supports, - Vaskovich adds.

Together with mother, grandmother Tamara Vaskovich also visited the political prisoner. The meeting lasted for about two hours.

We would remind that Jauhien Vaskovich was convicted together with Arciom Prakapiena and Paviel Syramalotau. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison charged with attempted arson of the doors of Babrujsk KGB office. He was repeatedly put in a penal cell. At some point the political prisoner was transferred from a penal colony to the Mahilou prison as a malicious violator of the penitentiary regime.

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