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Residents of Biaroza district are threatened with prison for having pigs

15:58, — society

Residents of Biaroza district are threatened with prison for having pigs

The chief veterinary doctor of Biaroza district threatens the peasants with criminal responsibility for having pigs in their household.

He tells about that in an article that he wrote for the newspaper Mayak of the local executive committee, the press-service reports of the organizational committee for creation of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy.

The districts chief veterinary doctor Hienadz Bielaviezhkin writes that due to the African pig plague the meat processing factory lost 10 billion roubles, not having the possibility to export its products to Russia. At the same time it is noted that pig farms in the villages of Khojniki and Sashyca that belong to Biaroza Mixed Fodder plant spent 3 billion roubles on fighting the disease.

In this regard Hienadz Bielaviezhkin for supporting the operations of state enterprises reminds the residents of the district of the ban on having pigs in the radius of five kilometers around pig farms, introduced by the authorities this year. Dozens villages fell under the restriction in Biaroza district.

At the same time, the veterinarian points out, peasants remain there in the area, who still keep pigs. Protocols have been composed against eight of them already.

In order to frighten the peasants Hienadz Bielaviezhkin threatens them with administrative and criminal responsibility for having pigs, in particular with the paragraph 1 of the article 15.38 of the Code on Administrative Conduct (Violation of veterinary, veterinary-sanitary or zootechnics requirements) that foresees a fine in the amount of 20 basic units (3.6 billion roubles), and article 284 (Violation of veterinary rules), which provides for two years in prison.

The veterinarian is only worried about the 10 billion of the state enterprises expenses. No one cares about the populations costs, - a Biaroza activist Valer Bilibukha pointed out.

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