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Fiadynich: Raising pensionable service won't return workers to country 15

15:54, — Society

Fiadynich: Raising pensionable service won't return workers to country

The exodus of workers to foreign countreis won't stop.

Henadz Fiadynich, the chair of the electronic industry trade union, spoke to about the gradual increase of the minimum length of service to receive pensions to 15 years.

The authorities make this step hoping to return hundreds of thousands of workers who went to work abroad. Many work without employment record books. The authorities can only adopt horrible regulations to scare people. But people cannot be scared any more. The authorities had better raise salaries. Why go abroad if you can earn good money here? The authorities don't think the pension system needs radical reforms. Today one can have a high salary and a long employment period, but his or her pension cannot exceed 2.5 million rubles, the trade union leader said.

The chair of the electronic industry trade union is confident that any resolution of the government or Lukashenka's decree cannot improve people's life.

They authorities will soon see the time when people will completely stop respecting them. The state has done nothing in the last few years to return people to the country and provide good wages. Salaries were increased ahead of the latest presidential 'elections'. The authorities do everything to take this money from people now. Utility bills rose, transport fees went up, food and consumer goods prices will grow. Fuel prices rose 22% last year, but people have to pay the transport duty now. Officials don't say how money for road repair included in the fuel price was spent, Henedz Fiadynich said.

Since January 1, only those who have paid contributions to the Social Protection Fund for more than 10 years have the right to receive pension, according to Lukashenka's decree No. 389 of September 3, 2013.

Larysa Yashkova, a deputy head of the main department of pension and social insurance at the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, said the minimum length of service to receive pension would further increase.

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