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Miasnikovich: I wear and eat Belarusian

13:23, — society

Miasnikovich: I wear and eat Belarusian

What about $37 thousand Swiss watch?

The head of Belarusian government Mikhail Miasnikovich considers that the quality of Belarusian food products is satisfactory and claims that he prefers the products of domestic producers.

I buy Belarusian products with pleasure. Fish, for example, only from Santa-Bremor, Belryba seems of worth quality to me. Of dairy products I like Savushkin most of all. I have suits made in Belarus, this is Komintern, and the one I am wearing rights now was also made here. The shirts are Belarusian, I like Eliz a lot, while the ones produced in Mazyr are a bit worse, - Miasnikovich told in Worlds Picture TV show on RTR-Belarus TV channel on Saturday, Interfax reports.

According to the head of the government, he also like Belarusian footwear. I have no problems with Belarusian footwear from Belwest and Marco, although I like Marco better, - he added.

Miasnikovich pointed out that many goods well known in Belarus today were produced in order to replace imported counterparts in the market. There is a wrong perception of replacing imports that many have in their heads today, saying that you cannot do anything good working with a file on your knee, - Miasnikovich pointed out. He added that he did not support such an attitude.

In the opinion of the head of the government, the products, produces in the domestic market in the framework of the import replacing program, should not be worse than the imported in terms of quality. At the same time, Miasnikovich said, today many large Belarusian manufacturers deem possible to produce for the domestic market goods which are of much worse quality than the one for exports. If there is bad quality, why would we need that? They count on budget assistance, but this is dependency and it should not be like that, - the Prime Minister highlighted.

However, it is known that Miasnikovichs words do not go in line with his deeds. The Prime Minister prefers expensive imported goods. In late 2012 he was photographed at Minsk Investment Forum wearing a Swiss watch Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 worth of 37 thousand dollars.

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