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Viktor Hvozd: Yanukovych understands that he will have to give up, but play for time 5

8:40, — Politics

Viktor Hvozd: Yanukovych understands that he will have to give up, but play for time

Authorities playing for time only worsens the situation, the Ukrainian expert believes.

The head of the Kiev analytical center Borisfen Intel Viktor Hvozd commented for the web-site on the recent events in Ukraine.

Obviously, the resolution of the crisis and oppositions end goal is complete reloading of power. The only legal way is to return to the Constitution of 2004 in order to take dictatorial powers from one person. On the other hand, for the authorities this is a road to nowhere and loss of control. That is why they understand that they will have to give up anyway and seems to compromise, but at the same time tries to play for time in order to regroup, - he pointed out.

At the same time the expert highlighted that even without that the situation is dangerously explosive like a powder keg.

People are tired of waiting, the Maidan cannot be there forever. That is why, naturally, everything may go out of control. Yes, now this is a no-win situation: the authorities do not have power and resources for resolving the situation in a violent manner, while the opposition does not have leverage over the authorities. So far these are the actions of the West that holds the authorities from radical actions, and at first sight it seems to have all stabilized. But actually the volcano that is sleeping may wake up any second, - Viktor Hvozd believes.

We would remind that protest actions in Ukraine started in November last year after the refusal of the countrys government to sign an EU Association Agreement. After the attempts to disperse the Euromaidan by force the protests resumed with increased strength and spread practically into all the regions. In mid-January most brutal clashes took place between riot police and protesters, in which four people died, including a Belarusian Mikhail Zhyznieuski.

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