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Anatol Liabedzka: Ambassador Shagal should be recalled from Belarus 11

16:59, — Politics

Anatol Liabedzka: Ambassador Shagal should be recalled from Belarus

The leader of the United Civil Party sees no sense in meeting with Yosef Shagal.

Liabedzka said to he was invited to the Israeli embassy today. Anatol Liabedzka thinks there's no sense in talking to Yosef Shagal.

It's our common decision and principled position. We take note that it's not the first remark of this kind by Yosef Shagal. He has been in the country for two years and he hasn't made an attempt to meet with families of the Belarusian political prisoners or with opposition representatives. It means nothing can influence the position of this person. We see no sense in meeting with him, the leader of the United Civil Party said.

Anatol Liabedzka says he will contact the Israeli prime minister for explanation of Tel Aviv's official position on the Belarusian political prisoners.

Two strategies are possible in the current situation. One of them leads to downplaying the scandal and leaving the things as they are now. The second one is seeking the ambassador's recall. We prefer the second strategy. If the ambassador of Iran, Russia or Cuba were in Shagal's place, we would just take note of the remark. Israel positions itself as a democratic state. So, we chose another way. We have prepared an appeal to Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He should give a clear answer if the remarks by his ambassador are Mr Shagal's personal opinion or it is an official position of the country.

I think the remark about the political prisoners is the ambassador's improvisation. If it's so, Yosef Shagal should find a job other than diplomacy, Anatol Liabedzka said.

We remind that Israel's ambassador to Belarus Yosef Shagal said in an interview with RTVI channel some days ago that the Belarusian political prisoners were criminals from Israel's point of view. The statement was criticised by relatives of the political prisoners and opposition.

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