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Head of freedom limitation institution sentenced 5 years for beating up convicts

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Head of freedom limitation institution sentenced 5 years for beating up convicts

Former head of the open type penitentiary institution number 46 in the settlement of Kruhlaje in Mahilou region ended up in prison.

It appeared not only that he took bribes, but also beat up one of the convicts, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus reports.

One and a half years ago now former head of the penitentiary institution met one of the convicts near Kruhlanskaja district hospital. The convict had received temporary permission to see a doctor. But the head of the institution decided that he was violating the rules of the institution and demanded him to get in the car so he could be taken back. The convict refused: according to him, he noticed that the official was drunk and was afraid that he would be taken to jail. The official then attacked the convict, punched him several times in the face and broke the nose.

But the official got caught taking a bribe. One of the convicts, who had been transferred to the open type penitentiary institution from prison for good behavior, got constant reprimands from the official for violating the order.

- The official threatened the convict with a possible criminal case under the article of avoidance of serving a punishment term at an open type penitentiary institution. This provided for the convicts transfer back to prison with added prison time, - the told at the Investigatory Committees department for Mahilou region.

The head of the institution agreed not to send the documents for the criminal case to investigatory agencies for 5 million roubles. He was detained taking that bribe. In the course of the investigation other facts of receiving money from convicts were revealed.

- The official had the rights to apply reward and reprimand measures to the convicts, as well as the obligation to send documents to investigative bodies for the criminal prosecution of those who avoided serving the punishment time. Using his position the man received money from convicts for not sending documents against these people to preliminary investigation agencies. It was also possible to pay for avoiding a disciplinary punishment, - a senior assistant to the prosecutor of Mahilou region counsellor of justice Ala Kuzniacova.

Apart from that it was established that on the heads order the convicts bought food for him with their own money.

Barysau inter-garrison military court sentenced the man to 5.5 years in high security penal colony, the confiscation of property and a fine in the amount of 40 basic units. The former official was also deprived of the lieutenant colonel title and the right to take positions, implying organizational and administrative functions for the period of 5 years.

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