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Anatol Shumchanka: We're not going to apologise to Lukashenka 31

15:26, — Society

Anatol Shumchanka: We're not going to apologise to Lukashenka

Sole traders continue struggling for their rights.

Anatol Shumchanka, the chairman of the public organisation Perspective, spoke to about Lukashenka's statement, who warned sole traders against blackmailing the authorities.

I don't want to answer him and argue on the issue. We have achieved the most important result. Our problems were heard on the highest level. But we have to continue our efforts and defend sole traders. We need to take the statement as a part of our work. This result is important for us, but our main aim is protecting interests of sole traders, he said.

Perspective's leader notes he won't reply to Lukashenka's remark about him.

Let people decide who is who. The only thing that upsets me is his words about the 'yellow press', because it's not yellow. It's transparent and objective. We achieved much due to it. The fact that no decisions on small business have been made so far means that the authorities are hesitant. We won't apologise. We will continue our work, Anatol Shumchanka said.

We remind that the Belarusian dictator warned market traders against blackmailing the authorities due to changing market conditions. He made this statement today at a meeting to discuss the draft decree on the regulation of merchandise sales by sole traders and other individuals.

Certain politicians representing sole traders, though they can hardly be called politicians, try to blackmail the authorities, including the president. What I wouldn't advise them to do is to make such statements in the media. It can backfire on them. It's no use scaring me. We won't allow Maidan-style protests in our country, the ruler said.

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