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Event in Warsaw: Today Kyiv - tomorrow Minsk photos

15:22, — Europa

About a thousand people took part in an event of solidarity with Ukraine that took place in Polish capital.

A charter97.orgs correspondent reports that it started at Warsaws Zamkowa Square today at 13.00. A meeting took place there, where spoke the president of the International Solidarity Foundation Krzysztof Stanowski, Ukrainian journalist Vitali Portnikov, Belarusian oppositionist Viachaslau Siuchyk, Ukrainian, Polish and Venezuelan activists.

Slogans were chanted, notably not only supporting Ukraine, but also Belarus. Lukashenka, go away!, Today Kyiv tomorrow Minsk!. Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian flags flew above the people as well as flags of the EU.

After that a procession headed to Ukraines embassy. All along the way the demonstrators chanted slogans. They demanded the resignation of Ukraines ambassador to Poland Markian Malski due to his support of the former president Viktor Yanukovych and repressions against Euromaidan activists. When the diplomat came out to the demonstrators he got booed.

The event ended with singing Ukraines national anthem and laying flowers to the walls of the embassy to commemorate the perished.

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