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Lipkovich burns Lukyanenko's book 4

14:45, — Politics

Lipkovich burns Lukyanenko's book

Well-known Belarusian blogger Yauheny Lipkovich held a literary performance in Minsk's Sevastopolski Park.

He burnt a book by Russian fantasy and science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

Yauheny Lipkovich found indignant the writer's post on his blog, in which he harshly criticised the revolution in Ukraine, called on normal Ukrainians to save themselves from the fascist abomination in Russia and Belarus and called today's Ukraine damned land. The author prohibited to translate his books into Ukrainian and promised to do his best to restrict access of Ukrainian fantasy writers who support the Maidan to literary events in Russia.

I protest against promotion of false values. Lukyanenko uses his popularity to insult Ukrainians. He doesn't protest against Knut Hamsun's books, who supported Hitler. He attacks people for their nationality and attacks the symbol of freedom the language, Lipkovich said.

The blogger denied the parallels with the Nazi book burnings in Germany and said his action was a form of protest.

It was easy to burn Charhinets's books, because they are absolutely worthless. But I can't say the same now: Lukyanenko's books are literature, after all.

This is my gesture of support of the Ukrainian revolution. There are proposals in Russia to ban Vakarchuk and Okean Elzy to play concerts. The proposal was made by MP Milonov and then by Zhirinovsky. We cannot prohibit Milonov here. We cannot ask Zhirinovsky's mother to have an abortion in the past. But I can burn a book. It's my personal property, Lipkovich says.

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