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Elsk deputy executive got caught on land manipulations 19

7:57, — crime

Elsk deputy executive got caught on land manipulations

Prosecutors office filed a criminal case against the first deputy chairman of Elsk district executive committee Ivan Kazak.

First the information of the detention of Elsk executive committees deputy chairman Ivan Kazak came out two weeks ago. The web-site reported referring to a reader that the high-level executive was arrested for fraud.

He is now at a hospital, faking a heart attack. The essence of the crime committed is that he sold his house, built with the use of budget subsidies, to the state for an orphanage for 60 thousand dollars. Earlier Kazak was a witness on the case of a boiler-house explosion, in which a person died. The boiler-house was stoked with stolen fuels. I assume, manipulations may take place in order to hush the case up, - the reader reported.

The information was partly confirmed, Ezhednevnik reports.

According to law enforcement agencies, Ivan Kazak is not charged with fraud, but a criminal case has indeed been started. The former official, who was also the executive committees chairman of the housing commission, is charged with committing a crime against part 3 of the article 424 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (power abuse, committed by a person in an official position).

The criminal case has been started based on the operative findings of the Chief Department for Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to law enforcement agencies, in 2006 Ivan Kazak gave his subordinates knowingly illegal orders to put his son on the list of those, who was in need of improving housing conditions. In reality the executives son did not need to improve housing conditions. At 24-years old he was provided with the necessary number of square meters.

Although, it did not stop at putting son on the list. This was needed in order to take another illegal decision to provide the officials son with a free piece of land in his life-long inheritable ownership. Notably the land was not in the outskirts, but in the town center. Allegedly, the officials son needed the land for building a house, but in reality for other mercenary purposes.

According to prosecutors office, by these actions Ivan Kazak caused significant damage to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and the state, which called forth such a tough interpretation of his activities. Part 3 of the article 424 of the Criminal Code of Belarus provides for a punishment of up to 10 years in prison and confiscation of assets, if the defendants guilt is proven in court.

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