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Leanid Zaika: Miasnikovich is not marketing expert 37

8:44, — Economics

Leanid Zaika: Miasnikovich is not marketing expert

The economist explains what hinders the government to become the large ministry of trade.

Leanid Zaika, the head of the analytical centre Strategy, recommends Miasnikovich and Lukashenka to study volume I of Capital, Salidarnasts reports.

You can't blame the mirror for your ugly face, the expert says. I've analysed the CIS countries. The results of 2013 show that Belarus has the worst results in the inflation rate, agriculture, industry and exports. It's time to admit that we are the worst. We've come to a dead end. We need to learn how to manufacture good products before starting to trade.

Think yourself. We sold 40% of our TV sets inside the country in 2012. It was less than 20% in 2013. No one needs these boxes. Trade is not the reason.

They should have learnt how to trade in the 1990s. The global and regional markets belong to rivals, to marketing specialists. You should agree that Miasnikovich is not a marketing expert. So, create marketing services. Make company directors learn the words brand, coacher, aggressive marketing.

Leanid Zaika proposes holding an IT operation: buying 1,000 newest tablets and giving them out to government officials.

Let them study the programs and information websites to learn about prices of rivals. Our government is like an average Belarusian woman who comes to a hypermarket to buy pears and doesn't know how much they cost abroad and in the hypermarket.

The government should employ economists. Every time when a government official says 'production costs', he or she should be sent to a special correctional camp to learn that the term from the socialist epoch has no relation to modern economy. I have the impression that the government consists not of economists, but of under- or overeducated accountants in a state of cognitive dissonance aggravated with job burnout and depression, when the president orders them to sell Belarusian goods abroad, the analysts says.

Lukashenka harshly criticised the government yesterday for the lack of notable results in improving the country's foreign trade. The head of state thinks it can be explained with the unwillingness and inability to trade. The ruler said he had travelled around the world and received people from all over the world in Minsk and never noticed Belarusian goods were not needed.

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