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Mother of Square protest participant suing Hrodna television 26

11:41, — Politics

Mother of Square protest participant suing Hrodna television

Hrodna-Plus TV channel showed the picture of her son in a video on a criminals detention.

In the region capitals Lenin court the questioning of the parties in litigations took place. Iryna Salej demanded that the videos authors and the TV channel paid 10 million roubles each as a compensation for moral damage and humiliation of sons honor and dignity. She is filled with indignation at the actions of the Hrodna-Plus TV channel and calls the news piece a provocation, due to which she had to lose much health, Radio Svaboda reports.

Relatives and acquaintances called her, neighbors asked questions, while she did not know what to respond.

Iryna Salej is filled with indignation: They show the detention of a criminal who raped a girl in Paulouskaha Street, and there is immediately a picture of my son, who is actually being searched for, but for political reasons. He is a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists and was at the Square on 19 December. He has nothing to do with that crime, since he left the country.

The cameraman Siarhiej Piacheryca and editor Halina Davydzika, who was the author of videos, did not admit that they had made a mistake. The cameraman explained that Alaksiej Salejs picture was filmed accidentally, since the filming was taking place at a police department, where there was nothing but the board with the pictures of the wanted people. According to him, it does not matter that the video was cut that way.

Davydzik, who is also responsible for the cutting of videos, explained that she took this photo not from a family album, but from a police station. She said that this was not a mistake: in such videos the pictures of the wanted people are showed often so that it is easier for police to search for them.

Although, after watching the video in court Davydzik said that she understood Iryna Salej as a mother, and claimed that the TV channel could apologize to her and comment on the video anew.

The TV channels spokesperson Viachaslau Harbach, who also claimed that the employees of the TV channel made no mistakes in the video, said to Salej that it could not have gone as far as to a courts proceeding had she come to the editorial office to tell about the incident after the video had aired.

Iryna Salej now says that she feels pity for journalists so she will think whether to withdraw the lawsuit or keep it.

As to Alaksiej Salej and his picture at the police station, Iryna Salej said that right after the Square protest searches started, including in their apartment. According to her, a criminal case was to be started for alleged illegal entrepreneurship, but there were no witnesses.

They then claimed that pornography was found on his computer, a criminal case was started for pornography dissemination and Alaksiej Salej was proclaimed wanted.

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