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Russia will deploy another 15 fighter jets in Belarus  ? 111

15:05, — Politics

Russia will deploy another 15 fighter jets in Belarus

Belarus will accommodate another 15 jets of the Russian Federation due to NATOs activities at its borders.

The news came from the Belarusian ruler.

Belarus intends to offer Russia to strengthen the joint military group in the framework of bilateral agreements, in particular with aviation, due to NATOs activities in proximity of the Belarusian border.

If fifteen jets have been relocated from Italy (to the Baltic States), I think, we should contact the head of Russias General Staff and suggest them the reinforcement that they have to provide us with (in the framework of partnership relations). Lets, for example, get not more than 12-15 jets to the territory of Belarus, decide on patrolling routes and backup routes, so they would work and patrol, - Lukashenka claimed on Wednesday in Minsk at a meeting of the Security Council on the outcomes of the first stage of the inspection of the country armed forces combat readiness, Interfax reports.

We will adequately react to everything, - Lukashenka claimed. Lately we have observed the escalation of the conflict. It is taking place not in Syria or Libya, not in Iraq, but at our borders. This gets our interests involved, and we have no right to hide like mice, - he emphasized. At the same time the ruler pointed out that we are not going to panic or fuss.

Lukashenka turned attention to the activation of the USA and NATO in the region. We reacted calmly to that before large-scale military exercise started to the South, as I understand, in the territory of Poland, and Poland requested reinforcement and expansion of the scale of the exercise, - he continued. He reminded of the additional reinforcement of the Baltic States with aviation. Present is the aggravation of the situation at our borders, - he stated.

We should react to that, but in an absolutely adequate manner. This is not a secret that together with Russia we have a joint military grouping on that direction, the basis of which is Belarus army, - Lukashenka said. At the same time he reminded of the existing agreement in the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. This grouping has an action plan, including a plan of action in similar cases, - the ruler pointed out.

This is not a local conflict, this is not a military conflict, this is not a war. We do not need to announce mobilization and put all our armed forces on alert, - Lukashenka noted.

We would remind that on 11 March the rulers of Belarus and Russia spoke on the phone about the situation in Ukraine.

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