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Aye-aye, Lukashenka got scared  ? 76

13:17, — Politics

Aye-aye, Lukashenka got scared

The dictator complained to ambassador Surikov about Russian media.

He got filled with indignation about the comments that Belarus was allegedly seeking military protection from Russia, Interfax reports.

Yesterday certain Russian TV channels put Belarus in the same line with the Crimea and aye-aye Lukashenka got scared, asked for help, for protection from Russia, - Lukashenka claimed in Thursday in Minsk at a meeting with the head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov, at which, among others, Russias ambassador in Minsk Aleksandr Surikov was present.

Why are you doing that? You should better say that you have long been asking us for that. So I in a dodgy manner suggested that Russia came here and landed, - Lukashenka said.

Although, we dealt with that before evening came. I again strictly warned: if you do like that, we will behave differently, - he continued.

One must not do like that. Why present this in a weird manner? Lukashenka emphasized. The situation is normal here. You can see: there is no war, everything is quiet and peaceful, - he emphasized.

If someone is moving there in Poland, or NATO etc., - we have a plan for that, we should implement it, - Lukashenka said, having reminded of Belarus-Russia agreements in the framework of the Union State. I made a suggestion to Russia let us implement (this plan, - he concluded.

Last Wednesday a meeting of the Security Council of Belarus took place, at which, among others, was discussed the start of the second stage of testing Belarus Armed Forces combat readiness, in which changes were introduced due to the situation in Ukraine and the activation of NATO forces close to Belarus borders. At the meeting the decision was announced to invite additional units of Russias air forces for joint military exercise. It was highlighted that such exercise is regulated by bilateral agreements of creation and functioning of the joint regional military grouping of Belarus and Russias.

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