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Valer Bulhakau: Lukashenka puts all bets on Kremlin 38

15:55, — Politics

Valer Bulhakau: Lukashenka puts all bets on Kremlin

The Belarusian ruler risks it all in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Historian and politologist Valer Bulhakau spoke to about Lukashenka's statement that the Kremlin or anyone else cannot put pressure on me.

It's obvious that the Kremlin has found itself alone against the whole world in this situation. None states, including ones of the so called Commonwealth of Independent States, supports its aggressive actions. The situation proposed and pushed to take, directly or indirectly, the actions that the Belarusian authorities finally did, namely the deployment of 15 Russian combat aircraft in Belarus, he said.

The politologist noted nobody predicted the conflict would go that far, and Lukashenka's stance was moderate.

But later we saw a turn from a rather balanced approach to unconditional support of the Kremlin, though it still has limits. Lukashenka goes to the end, because Russia has been and remains Belarus's main geopolitical sponsor. He made his choice, though he had limited opportunities. Flirting with the West and refusal to admit the Kremlin's decisions would have meant worsening his positions in Belarus at least in the short term. Lukashenka understands his regime has no future without Russia. So, he puts all bets on Russia, but he is not sure it will win, Valer Bulhakau explains.

The Belarusian dictator said yesterday at a meeting of the Security Council that Belarus's position on the situation in Ukraine is determined by the country's national interests.

No one can put pressure on me. Neither the Kremlin nor anyone else ever did it, he said.

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