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Official pushes trade union activist out of office 18

8:08, — Society

Official pushes trade union activist out of office

Anatoly Davydovich, the chairman of the Mikashevichy city executive committee, used force against a candidate to the local council.

Leanid Dubanosau met with the director of the cultural centre of Granite plant to arrange the time of his meeting with voters scheduled for March 16. The cultural centre can be used by candidate to meet with voters, but the director said she couldn't make a decision alone. She phoned Granite plant and invited the plant's officials to come. Chairman of the city executive committee Anatoly Davydovich came instead of them, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Dubanosau heard Davydovych saying in the office: They want a mess here. He also insulted independent candidates and said they were almost fascists. The activist entered the office and introduced himself.

Davydovych shouted: Get out of here.

Leanid Dubanosau, shocked by this behaviour, answered: I am a candidate. Why are you shouting at me?

Davydovich seized Dubanosau by the collar and pushed him out of the office.

The chairman left the office and the cultural centre director showed Dubanousau a paper written by Anatoly Davydovich. He didn't allow the meeting due to repair works, though they are held outside the building.

Leanid Dubanosau filed a complaint about the ungrounded refusal to the election commission. He plans to go to the police over the city head's disorderly conduct.

The activist of the independent trade union at Granite plant was fired in 2013 in violation of legislation. He failed to get his job back through a court, but received partial compensation for a personal injury. He filed a complaint to the Supreme Court of Belarus.

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