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Raman Jakauleuski: Chauvinistic craze will ruin Russia 12

15:46, — Politics

Raman Jakauleuski: Chauvinistic craze will ruin Russia

100 hundred years ago the collapse of the Russian empire also started with shouts of patriotism and support to the tsar.

This is how a political observer Raman Jakauleuski commented for the web-site on the outcomes of the referendum in the Crimea.

The determination of the Ukrainians leadership is quite strong. This could be told from the announced partial mobilization and Yatsenyuks statements that the ground will burn under the occupants and their accomplices, who storm administrative buildings in Donetsk and other cities. I would also recommend to treat very seriously Dmytro Yaroshs statements on the readiness to develop a resistance campaign and subversions against the occupants, in particular as to the pipelines with Russian gas in the territory of Ukraine. I would also not completely rule out the threats that Ukrainian resistance may emerge in the territory of Russia itself, like it was with the Chechens. As to the international communitys reaction, we will see it today, since the issue of introducing sanctions against Russia will be considered in Brussels at the meeting of the EU Council of Ministers. The question is what they will be, - he pointed out.

The observer added that after the Crimea residents voted for joining the Russian Federation, many incline to think that the Crime will become another Transnistria, at least for some time.

It could also not go unnoticed that over 50 thousand people came out in Moscow to protest against the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the majority of population in Russia supports Putins neo-imperialism. This year it turns 100 years since the World War One started. It should be pointed out that in 1914 everyone also supported the tsar Nikolay II and screamed of patriotism. It is well known how it ended for the tsar and Russia. So todays chauvinistic craze will not last forever and will be disastrous for Russia itself, - Raman Jakauleuski is convinced.

We would remind that on 16 March a referendum took place in the Crimea, the outcomes of which were not recognized by the Ukrainian authorities, the countries of the West and influential international organizations.

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