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Jury Khashchavatski: Putins address strongly reminded of the speeches by Hitler 12

14:52, — Politics

Jury Khashchavatski: Putins address strongly reminded of the speeches by Hitler

By the annexation of the Crimea the Russian ruler brought closer the collapse of his country.

This is how a famous Belarusian film director Jury Khashchavatski commented for the web-site on Putins signing the agreement on the occupation of the Crimea.

After yesterday Putins speech it seems to me that he is an agent of the worlds Zionism, who is doing everything for the collapse of the Great Russia. Exactly for this purpose he has been sent by the Mossad, - Khashchavatski ironically remarked.

The director added that Putin manage quite well to destroy Russia, and it turned out to be a large number of people in the country, who support him on that.

When watching the speech I, of course, had associations with 1930s and Hitler. Yesterday Putin perfectly showed to everyone, in which way Russia should be collapsed. Now the Chinese will hand out passports to the Chinese population of the Far East and in Siberia. Then Arab countries will start issuing passports for Russian Muslims, while Alaskas Indians will issue passports for Evenks and Chukchi. In this way step by step and bloodlessly whole Russia will collapse, - he summarized.

We would remind that yesterday in Moscow Russias president Vladimir Putin and the self-proclaimed representatives of Crimean authorities the head of the government Sergey Aksyonov, the speaker of the Crimean parliament, dismissed by the Supreme Council, Vladimir Konstantinov and the mayor of Sevastopol Aleksey Chaliy signed an agreement, according to which the Crimea and Sevastopol joined Russia as new territories.

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