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Ukrainian expert: West will not defeat judoist playing chess

12:26, — Politics

Ukrainian expert: West will not defeat judoist playing chess

Complete isolation of Russia by the international community is required to defeat the Putin regime.

The opinion came from web-sites interview with a political technologist, director for strategic planning of a Ukrainian social engineering agency Gayday.Com Sergiy Gayday.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have efficient leadership in the country. That is why Putin went for this action, because he very well realized that the Ukrainian state is today weak as it has never been. As to the Wests reaction, no efficient steps have been noticed so far, and Ukrainians feel left out. The West does not realize that in this case Russian aggression is a threat not only to Ukraine and former Soviet Union countries. If there is a nuclear player, who does not live by the common rules, this means a danger to the world. If it does not get eliminated, all the countries will be at the threshold of a new world war, - the expert is convinced.

In the opinion of the political technologist, the chess game that the West is trying to play with judoist Putin does not correspond to the moment and does not solve the problems and challenges that the world faces.

In this situation the most efficient way for the Western world to influence Russia would be to suspend all the economic and political connections, which means complete isolation. In such a situation Putins regime would not survive. But, unfortunately, the West has a lot of interests and benefits to lose in this case. Actually this has started long ago. The USA and EU did not notice the aggressive behavior and genocide of Georgians in Abkhazia, the blatant aggression against Georgia in South Osetia and support of the separatists in Transnistria. Now this has come to Ukraine, - Sergiy Gayday emphasized.

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