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Ukrainian expert: Europe will deal final blow to Kremlin by refusing from Russian energy resources 8

16:54, — Politics

Ukrainian expert: Europe will deal final blow to Kremlin by refusing from Russian energy resources

The West will not stop at the sanctions that have already been introduced against Russia.

This is how a political analyst of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Volodymir Horbach commented for the web-site on the introduction of new USA and EU sanctions against Moscow.

The main leverage over Russia is economic restrictions. Yesterday the process has been started they have been introduced. I think, the United States will not stop at that, but the action on the Russian leadership will be quite tough, - the expert believes.

The analyst highlighted that a most powerful strike at Russia would be European countries refusal from its raw materials and energy resources, but this cannot be done at once.

This is a very serious step, which should be planned, and it should be known, how to substitute these raw materials and energy resources. That is why the European Union will move slower than the USA, but,, most importantly, it is moving in the same direction. New sanctions will be introduced, the power of their influence will be increasing, and this will deal a strong blow to Russias economy, - he is convinced.

The political scientist added that Russian leadership started destroying it as they occupied the Crimea thus having provoked the introduction of sanctions.

This all scared markets, led to stock exchange collapses, weakened the rouble etc. At first Russian authorities underestimated the measures of the West, but now they will be gradually recovering their sight. Yes, symmetrical sanctions emerged on the part of the Kremlin, but they will not do the symmetrical damage, - Volodymir Horbach is convinced.

We would remind that the USA president Barack Obama announced the expansion of the American black list yesterday. In the new list were included 20 Ukrainian and Russian officials and oligarchs, and also the Russia bank. According to the American leader, the sanctions have been extended due to the referendum in the Crimea and the annexation of the peninsula by Russia. In response to the American sanctions Russias MFA published the list of American officials, who will suffer restrictions.

The European Union has also expanded the list of the people, to whom sanctions have been applied in the form of asset freezes and travel ban.

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