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Lukashenka has recognized Crimea as part of Russia  ?

13:37, — Politics

Lukashenka has recognized Crimea as part of Russia

The Belarusian ruler has recognized the occupation of Crimea.

He made the statements on Sunday speaking to journalists in Minsk, BelTA.

I am strongly disgusted with everything that has happened and keep happening in Ukraine and I do not like it. Why did they ban the Russian language and pressured Russian-speaking people as they came to power? They say that Russia has cut Crimea off. You, politicians, should not set yourselves up. Russia saw what was going on. There are 2.5 million Russians in Crimea, so Russia interfered. But it was the new government that gave the reason and cause for that, - he said.

At the same time, according to him, Belarus will be building relationship with the new authorities in Ukraine.

He also commented on the referendum in Crimea.

Crimea is not an independent state, like Osetia, Abkhazia etc. Crimea is a part of the territory of the Russian Federation today. One may recognize it or not, but it will change nothing. We have expressed our point of view. They say that its purpose in not to hurt any of the two parties. We are not going to hurt anyone, - he said.

At the same time Lukashenka emphasized that no one demands that the Belarusian party recognized Crimea and supported the Russians, or to stand against it.

I am honestly saying: no one demands that of me or our pro-government institutions, the MFA. U think, that situation will develop de facto, whether it becomes de jure, whether it will be recognized later, whether Crimea will be recognized as a region of the Russian Federation it is all not important, Russia is recognized by everyone. We are not getting involved there at all. This is bad that Russia had to resort to such measures, - he added.

Ukraine, according to him, should remain a single state.

Ukraine should remain a single country, undivided and nonaligned state. If NATO lands in Ukraine tomorrow, this will be absolutely unacceptable to us. A federation is a very dangerous thing for a state. This would mean a war, this may lead to further standoff and fighting, - he added.

At the same time Lukashenka believes that Ukraine should be assisted in holding presidential elections, but he doubts that such elections are possible.

I do not believe that this could be done. There are different groupings and behind each politician there is a group of armed people. If a spark goes in there, everyone will get hot. What happened in Crimea will seem nothing in comparison. It will be hard both on the West and the East, of the escalation of this conflict takes place or its protraction. The Ukrainian people should by itself decide in peaceful circumstances what authorities they will keep living with, - he believes.

Lukashenka also warns Ukrainian government against quitting the CIS and calls it a reckless move.

Why not use this forum for at least expressing your viewpoint, for sending your message to other states? I will try to convey this all to Ukrainians. I want to meet certain Ukrainian politicians shortly. Among other I will ask them not to make reckless moves. Does the CIS obliges Ukraine to anything? Why shut the door that can be used? he claimed.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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