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Maksim Viniarski: Uncertain position cannot be taken in war conditions

13:35, — Politics

Maksim Viniarski: Uncertain position cannot be taken in war conditions

Maksim Viniarski was detained at the Freedom Day manifestation for the banner saying Death to the Kremlin occupants.

Prior to that it came out that the events organizers demanded it was taken away. A coordinator of the European Belarus civic campaign Maksim Viniarski managed to pass this information to the web-site.

In a while after we had joined the column with the banner Death to the Kremlin occupants we were approached by Aliaksiej Janukievich and Aliaksandr Lahviniec. Having read the writing, they accused us of urging violence. The events organizers said that such a banner was inadmissible and demanded that it was put away. Naturally, we did not agree with that and continued the procession. In response to that the organizers sent several of their people to us with two banners. They simply covered ours. When we attempted to distance from them, they followed. In order to avoid a conflict, we decide to put the banner away. At the same time many other participants of the procession approved of the slogan. There was no other critique, beside the one mentioned, - he said.

The coordinator of the European Belarus civic campaign added that today people are fighting for their freedom and independence in Ukraine not sparing their lives, and he is surprised with such an attitude on the part of the events organizers.

The Heaven Battalion paid for the right of the Ukrainians to decide their own fate. In such conditions comes the demand to take away a banner with a slogan, which is not provocative and completely corresponds to the tough character of the current situation. I consider it to be a manifestation of political weakness or shortsightedness. In fact, there is a war taking place and an uncertain stance cannot be taken under such conditions. It is okay to kill occupants, since enemies get killed at a war. We, by the way, have long been, in fact, pulled into this war, - Viniarski emphasized.

We would remind that a procession in the honor of the 96th anniversary of the proclamation of Belarusian Peoples Republic took place in Minsk today. Right at its ending about 10 participant were detained, most of whom are the activists of the European Belarus civic campaign.

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