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Strike at Avtogydrousilitel plant in Barysau  ? 51

7:55, — Society

Workers of a big plant in Barysau went on strike.

One of the workers told the local website about the strike at the plant on March and about working conditions.

The first and the second units of the plant were on strike over a week's salary delay. Under the employment agreement, salaries are paid every 15th day of a month, the website Golaya Pravda reports. Workers received only 500,000 rubles to pay their utility bills. Managers don't say when the rest wage will be paid.

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We hear many promises, but see no results. For example, if the plant doesn't have money to buy metal for work parts, and we have to take unpaid leaves. They have brought work parts recently, so we work 12 hours a day. But the salary doesn't grow and even decreases. I received 3 million, but now I get only 2,400,000 rubles, though I have a higher grade and work the same number of hours.

People don't believe promises of the administration. How will they pay for overtime work this month, if they cannot pay salaries for the previous month? We were to receive money yesterday, but we still have only 500,000 rubles. Nobody began to work. The second unit of the plant went on strike yesterday, the first unit joined them today.

We had a lot of discussions. The manufacturing director said the money had been transferred, but we didn't have it. We hadn't work until the money was transferred at 12:30, the worker says.

The administration of Avtogydrousilitel plant says the salaries were delayed due to technical problems, according to Journalists failed to get the deputy director on economic issues on the phone.

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