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70 Belarusians in anti-war photo project photos

13:23, — Society

Belarusian photographer Aliaksandr Zhernasek initiated the Gallery of Light photo project.

More than 70 people participated in the project, which aim was to show the people who don't support war, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

The list of participants includes producer Uladzimir Maksimkau, musician Siarhei Pukst, poet Valeria Kustava.

I want to see my friends and fellow citizens in a good mood, smiling. I want people around me to speak honestly, joyfully and openly about love and their desires, the photographer says.

According to Aliaksandr Zhernasek, people have forgotten about childish frankness and joy amid negative events and violence.

We see the troubles, but we don't have opportunities to influence political and economic processes, to react to violence and confrontation except for pressing the Like button to a news post on a social networking site. Actually, what can we do? Objectively nothing. So, I had an idea to make a gallery of positive people, my friends and my friends' friends who will be given an opportunity to say and show their most peaceful desire, the author of the project says.

The project involved a lot of different people: businessmen, models, poets, musicians, actors, physicians, electricians. Some came with their families. Every participant used his or her emotions and words to say he or she was against war.

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