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Mechyslau Hryb: Bloodless developments unlikely in Ukraine 9

7:39, — Politics

Mechyslau Hryb: Bloodless developments unlikely in Ukraine

A police Major General and former chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus thinks the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine was pre-planned.

Mechyslau Hryb said it to Yezhednevnik in an interview.

I always stand for a peaceful settlement of any conflict. I don't know if sending Russian troops [to Ukraine] has legal grounds. There are many questions. The Federation Council of Russia approved to use of armed forces in Ukraine. I'd like to note that they meant not the limited contingent of troops that would be acting in Crimea, but using the armed forces in Ukraine. It means the troops may appear in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and other cities.

I don't know how the situation will develop and if weapons will be used. But it's hard for the post-revolutionary Ukraine to have a war. Ukraine is not ready for it. It has no money. Russia chose the right moment. I don't rule out that it was pre-planned. Why do people wearing camouflage uniform without insignia appear all of a sudden with new small arms expensive sniper rifles and assault rifles and seize airports? Who are these people? Whose order are they fulfilling? I don't know it. It's hard to guess.

I am totally against military actions. It's always possible to find a peaceful solution. It's hard. It will require much time and efforts, but it will be bloodless. Any military intervention supposes blood. Much blood or little, it doesn't matter. Though I think bloodless developments are unlikely in Ukraine, Mechyslau Hryb said.

The Russian Federation Council approved president Vladimir Putin's request to use Russian troops in Ukraine. Rallies for joining Russia were held lately in some regions of Ukraine.

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