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Russian journalist: Kremin's propaganda is mirror-world of Mordor 21

14:02, — Politics

Russian journalist: Kremin's propaganda is mirror-world of Mordor

Journalist Vlad Kopylkov visited Kyiv and compared what he saw with what Russian TV channels show.

He described his impressions on a blog on the website Ekho Moskvy radio (Echo of Moscow).

Yesterday, after it was announced about bringing Russian troops in Crimea, I flew to Kyiv, Vlad Kopylkov writes. I didn't meet radicals or masked people at the half-empty airport. I saw different people at Maidan: city residents with children, old people, women and men who are not hiding their tears, war veterans and young people... I couldn't find any radicals here, let alone fascists.

Speakers say from the stage that the Russian authorities are Ukraine's enemy. They underline they mean the authorities, not people. All people are very friendly. All shops, restaurants and cafes work. No robberies, smashed windows or rapes. Volunteers offer tea and sandwiches. I feel an atmosphere of war, unity, common goals and struggle... Barricades and scorched buildings after clashes with Berkut add details to the picture. The Russian propaganda seems a mirror-world of Mordor after five minutes here.

There are plenty of candles and flowers. People grieve the death of protesters killed in clashes with Berkut. Many cannot keep themselves from crying. It's hard to find right words to describe the sincerity of everything from the first candle to a priest addressing the crowd from the stage. In Russia, I dreamt to see the revival of the national consciousness of the Russians. Yesterday,I saw it in Ukraine. I am proud of these people. I felt their grief for the killed people, for the situation in Crimea. I went there as a journalist, but I left the place crying and saying 'Glory to heroes' together with others.

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