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Leanid Zaika: West will have to introduce new sanctions against Lukashenka 6

14:25, — Politics

Leanid Zaika: West will have to introduce new sanctions against Lukashenka

If the USA and the EU introduce trading sanctions against Putin, he will be able to surpass them through Belarus.

Such an opinion came from the head of the analytical center Strategy Leanid Zaika as he commented for the web-site on the Wests ultimatum to Russia on the Crimean crisis.

If these sanctions are introduced, then the imports of many goods from the European Union will be blocked. It will be Belarus that will replace the EU with no competitors in Russias market, it will easily win. This means that the place of the European competitors will be taken by Belarusian companies, while the overfilled warehouses of Belarusian enterprise will get unloaded, - the expert pointed out.

At the same time the analyst emphasized that at a closer look Europe keep purchasing Belarusian oil products like it has always done, despite there are political prisoners in the country and other problems.

Europeans stand out with their, I would say, wisdom with all the sanctions they fill their tanks with Belarusian gasoline. In the morning they speak of sanctions, in the evening they fill up on Belarusian gas and drive. What is that? he added with indignation.

The economist does not rule out that in case sanctions against Russia are introduced, they will have to be introduced against Belarus too, which serves as a corridor.

If we speak of the transition function, this is not such a big problem, only cargo carriers will get affected. In general, if restrictions solely against Russia are introduced, it will not feel it, - Leanid Zaika stated.

We would remind that the USA and the European Union threatened the Kremlin with concerted sanctions in case it refuses to withdraw troops from Ukraine.

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