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Maksim Viniarski: Union State makes us accomplices in attack at Ukraine

15:21, — Politics

On 5 March a civic activist Maksim Viniarski held a rally near Russias embassy to Belarus.

Around 4 p.m. he stood opposite the building of the embassy holding a poster Occupants, get out of Ukraine!.

Earlier the activist explained BelaPAN his position on the events in Ukraine: I believe it is time to call things as they are. What is happening now in Ukraine is an actual occupation. There are foreign troops there, attempts to seize military units and dictate to the country how it should live. Now Ukrainians are protecting their independence in a peculiar way they are not using force or weapons, but not letting to grab a piece of their country. They fought for their freedom in the Maidan I was there with them for some time, helped as I could, now the Maidan makes dictators angry like nothing else does. I happened to be in Moscow when the verdict was passed on the Bolotnaya case, and as we got detained in Tverskaya Street, I saw that Russians simply tremble they hear the words Maidan or Berkut. Not all of them, of course, but riot policemen, judges, officials. I watches Putins press-conference yesterday and felt that it is also horror to him.

It is impossible to stand aside and do nothing. I am surprised that in our country there are so few people, who are concerned about what is going on with the neighbors. Even more so that we are not on the sidelines here there is also a dictatorship here, our laws are even worse than the ones that undermined Yanukovych, any kind of protest is forbidden here. I do not think that I should submit to the incumbent authorities. Todays laws require that I applied for en event 15 days in advance, but in these 15 days the Crimea would be either seized, having killed people, or left alone. There is no way here to express your position by the law.

I demand that the aggression was stopped, we cannot say that it does not concern us. The so-called Union State by fact makes all Belarusians accomplices in the attack at Ukraine.

In a minute after the picketing started Viniarski was approached by a policeman, who guarded the embassy, and attempted to take away the banner, demanded to show documents. He called for a riot police squad that detained the activist at 4.20 p.m. and took him in the direction of the Central police department.

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