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Maidan snipers brought from Luhansk on Zakharchenkos order

16:13, — Europa

Maidan snipers brought from Luhansk on Zakharchenkos order

On February 20 there were 2 snipers from Sokol special unit in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers.

It has been stated at the session of a temporary investigation commission of the Supreme Rada by a deputy chief of the special unit Oleksandr Yershov, Ukrainski novini informs.

He noted that on February 20 on the order of Vitaly Zakharchenko, who was Interior Affairs Minister then, a special force group Sokol of 20, with 2 snipers from Luhansk among them, was in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. However Yershov denies that snipers were on the roof and fired at protesters.

At the same time he admitted that the ballistics tests of arms seized from snipers had not been carried out. An agency check had been held, and its results were submitted to the Prosecutor Generals office.

Yershov has also noted that since February 18 Fortress operation had been carried out at the territory of Kyiv. As a part of it Sokol soldiers guarded the building of the Interior Affairs Ministry and the Directorate for Combating Organised Crime.

The head of the Directorate for Combating Organised Crime Serhiy Rudenko noted that in order to carry out this plan, groups of snipers from Luhansk, Zaporizhie and Khmelnytski had been on Zakharchenkos personal order.

Besides, at the session of the investigation commission the chief of the public order protection of the Chief Directorate of Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry Mykolai Klimchuk admitted that 30 officers of the Internal Troops armed with handguns were in Kyiv since February 18.

At the same time, as said by him, since 3 p.m. 3,500 internal troops soldiers were armed with firearms in Kyiv on the order of Zakharchanka.

Besides, at 11.30 p.m. on February 20 Omega special unit fighters arrived to Bankovaya and Institutskaya Streets. They carried machine guns AK-5,45.

In addition, Klymchuk informed that on February 20 2 Kalashnikov assault rifles were given to Main Directorate of State Protections soldiers from the Interior Troops department against their signed acknowledgements.

Exactly these assault rifles were taken by Viktor Yanukovych and a former Interior Troops Commander Stanislav Shulyak when they fled.

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