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Zianok Pazniak: Putin is ready to invade Ukraine from Belarus 21

13:35, — Politics

Lukashenka is an accomplice to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

This was stated by the chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zianok Pazniak during his yesterdays speech in the assembly hall of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church cathedral in New York. The web-sites editorial office received the video of the speech from the press-service of the Union of Belarusians of the World Fatherland.

Hitler fascism developed a number of versions, which justified the aggression. Lets say, the expansion of living areas. Russia has similar developed, for instance, the version of the so-called Russian world. This means that everywhere, where Russian is spoken, they may claim their interests and rights. This is what Russia is doing. Putins propaganda has already beaten the one of Goebbels a hundred times, - he emphasized.

According to the CChP BPF leader, Putin has set the task to annihilate Ukraine as a state.

If he succeeds with that like Hitler did with Czechoslovakia and Austria, he will move further. Next to be wiped of the map of the world will be Belarus, then Moldova, Poland, Finland, the Baltic States etc. That is the most terrible thing for us today is pulling Belarus into the war against Ukraine. Russia actually is command of everything in our country. Putin deployed 24 jets in Babrujsk strategic aerodrome even without asking Lukashenka. Literally on the recent days people in military uniform with insignia removed were noticed in Minsk. These are all evidence that a preparation of a military invasion of Ukraine from Belarus is unfolding. Ukrainians now know, and many experts say that a strike on Kyiv is being prepared from our country, - Zianok Pazniak stated.

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