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Ukrainian army launches anti-terrorism operation in Donbas  ? photos 49

9:58, — Europa

Ukrainian army launches anti-terrorism operation in Donbas

Forces and means have been concentrated in Donetsk region necessary for deploying an anti-terrorism operation.

This comes from the head of the Center for Military and Political Studies Dmytro Tymchuks Facebook page.

The leadership of the anti-terrorism operation has been working in the area of the operation since yesterday evening. Top-priority goal have been determined, implementation plan developed and started to put in action. When developing the plan the top-priority task has been set to avoid casualties among civilians. Although, including separatists widely involving the locals in their actions, such guarantees cannot be ensured, - Tymchuk reported.

According to him, mobile and radio communication will be jammed in the area for the tome of the operation.

Separatist leaders were tasked by their Russian coordinator to repeat the Donetsk scenario (in case it succeeds) in the neighboring regions. By now attempts have been noticed of separatists to penetrate from Donetsk into the neighboring regions. These attempts are suppressed by local law enforcers and local self-defense forces, - he pointed out.

Tymchuk also reported that in Ukraines regions bordering on Russia the regime of state border protection has been intensified. A defense line has been constructed there by the units and divisions of Ukraines Armed Forces, the tasks of its engineering maintenance fulfilled, echelon air defense system created. Units of Ukraines Armed Forces are on full alert.

We would remind that the start of a large-scale anti-terrorism operation with the participation of the Armed Forces has been announced in Ukraine. On Sunday the acting president Oleksandr Turchynov signed a decree on implementing the National Security and Defense Councils decision to deploy an anti-terrorism special op. Ukraines Armed Forces has been put on full alert.

Starting from 10 April Russian raiding parties and local separatists started systematic seizures of the buildings of local administrations in Ukraines eastern regions, as well as police and security service buildings, which attract the militants with the armoury.

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