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Sikorski: Ukraine has right to use weapons in its territory  ? 7

11:26, — Europa

Sikorski: Ukraine has right to use weapons in its territory

The head of Polands MFA is surprised with Putins appeal to UNs Secretary General requesting to condemn the actions of Ukrainian authorities in the east of the country.

The minister does not understand Russian presidents logic: which paragraph in UN statute can be violated by Kyivs possible decision to use force against armed occupants.

Ukraine has the right to use weapons in its territory in response to the actions of separatists. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski shared the opinion on the air of TVN24 channel, reports.

There are international law, political and tactical aspects. In legal context Ukraine has the monopoly right to use force in its territory. If some unidentified people seize an airdrome, Ukraine has the right to fight it back, - Sikorksi pointed out as he commented in Kyivs decision to launch an anti-terrorism operation.

At the same time he sees unpredicted Russias reaction, which may take Ukraines attempt to restore control in its own territory as a reason for an intervention. Our duty is not to tell the Ukrainian government what they should do, since this is a high-risk territory. Russia has a strong advantage over Ukraine, and Ukraine should independently estimate the risk and decide to take it, - the head of the Polish MFA emphasized.

Sikorski was surprised by Russia president Vladimir Putins appeal to the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon, in which he asks the UN to condemn the actions of Ukraines authorities in the east of the country. I cannot understand the logic, since Ukraine has the right to use force against armed identified people, who seize airdromes. That is why I want to understand which paragraph of the UN agreement has been violated? Polands MFA pointed out.

In the opinion of the Polish minister, today Ukraine cannot expect military support from the West, since military support is provided to allies, while Ukraine is formally not anally. At the same time he added that Kyiv will soon receive international financial support. These are significant amounts, it is the matter of 15-18 billion dollars. The first tranche will probably arrive next month, - he noted.

When asked whether Putin wants to wreck the presidential elections in Ukraine, the head of Polands MFA answered that it all points to that.

Sikorski also confirmed that he considers advisable the deployment of two American crews in Poland. He reminded that there are American military bases in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Why such bases can be in in these countries, which are safer than Poland, and there should not be any in Poland the Polish minister stated.

We would remind that starting from 6 April Russian subversive groups and local separatists started systematic seizures of the buildings of administrations in Ukraines eastern regions, as well as police and security service buildings, which attract the commandoes with the armouries.

In response Ukraines authorities took the decision to start an anti-terrorism operation in the countrys eastern regions. Troops and military equipment have been deployed in Donbas.

On 15 April as a result of the operation by Ukrainian forces the airdrome of the town of Kramatorsk, previously seized by Russian subversives and separatists, was freed.

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