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Ukrainian troops repel militants' attack on military base in Mariupol  ? 32

7:42, — Europa

Ukrainian troops repel militants' attack on military base in Mariupol

The attackers were shocked, as they didn't expect resistance.

Dmitry Tymchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Centre of Military and Political Research, wrote it on a social networking site.

Ours repelled an attack in Mariupol. The attackers were visibly shocked. They didn't expect resistance. This case showed the variant of the adequate use of force is more effective than high moral pacifism, he said.

Dmitry Tymchuk said an hour earlier that the troops had defeated two attacks of militants.

There's a fight near the military base in Mariupol. As of now, the Ukrainian troops have repelled two attacks firing for effect. The 'little green men' are storming the military base. According to our data, they are not Russian soldiers, but militants of the local separatists having basic military skills and wearing relative uniform without insignia. Representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Russia's Armed Forces are in charge of them, he said.

The extremists, who gathered near the gates of military base No. 3057 in Mariupol and demanded to give them weapons, began to throw Molotov cocktails last evening. A police van was set on fire, the Mariupol News website reports. Some gunshots were heard. Several bullets hit a block of flats on 174 Nakhimov Street. Bullets damaged the door of one flat and hit a window and gas equipment in another flat on the fourth floor. People began to leave the building fearing a gas leak. As of 22:00, troops at the military base opened fire for effect. Some people were injured.

Five people are reported by the website to have been wounded. Two people with serious wounds (one of them a police officer) and three with minor injuries were taken to city hospitals. Four ambulances and two police cars arrived on the scene.

The local website writes about 12 injured people. One of the attackers was killed.

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