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Information of Lukashenka and Tusks talk disappeared from BelTA and Interfax web-sites photos

12:54, — Politics

The reason for that is unknown.

Today on the initiative of the Polish party a phone conversation took place of Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Polands Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Discussed were the developments of the international situation due to the events in Ukraine, Lukashenkas press-service reported, - such a message was posted today in the web-sites of news-agencies BelTA and Interfax-West.

It came up, and then went off. As of 20:30 the news was no longer on the web-site. The publications, though, remained in the cache. Here are the screenshots:

Apparently, the Belarusian leadership considered it unadvisable that the information of the conversation with Polands Prime Minister got into Belarusian media, Nasha Niva assumes.

At the moment the editor of BelTA and Interfax agencies are unavailable for commentaries.

This was the first conversation of a head of European Union member state with Lukashenka after the crackdown on the Square manifestation of 2010.

Polands Prime Minister Donald Tusk confirmed to journalists that in the recent couple hours he discussed the situation in Ukraine with Lukashenka, and yesterday with Ukraines Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the head of the European Commission Jose Barroso, and intended to speak to NATOs Secretary General in the evening.

I spoke for couple hours with my partners on the situation in Ukraine and what could happen literally within several days, yesterday there were negotiations with Canadas Prime Minister Steven Harper, the head of the European Commission, Ukraines Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, today there was a conversation with the president of the Republic of Belarus first conversation of this kind, but it was called forth by the dramatic situation in Ukraine, - Tusk said.

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