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Vital Rymasheuski: Lukashenka agrees to all Kremlins conditions 3

14:20, — Politics

Vital Rymasheuski: Lukashenka agrees to all Kremlins conditions

Negotiations with the Belarusian ruler are pointless.

A co-chairman of the organizational committee for creation of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy (BChD) Vital Rymeshauski said that to the web-site as he commented on the conversation between Donald Tusk and Aliaksandr Lukashenka on Ukraine.

Negotiations are an integral part of politics and diplomacy, and one should to that. But the efficiency of Tusks talk with Lukashenka is close to zero. Lukashenka has made Belarus dependable on Russia and the West is unable to pull it from this dependence. That is why neither Tusk, nor any other Western politician has anything to offer Lukashenka, - Vital Rymasheuski is convinced.

In the opinion of the BChD co-chairman, the disappearance of the news on the talk between the Polish Prime Minister and dictator of Belarus rom the web-sites of BelTA and Interfax news agencies is an evidence to the fact that Lukashenka is still trying to play a double game.

But in principle this looks like an agony of a fish caught in a net, which got in of its won will. That is why it is already obvious today that the process of giving up Belarus sovereignty is in full swing. Actually, the regime in Belarus agrees to all conditions of the Kremlin, which can be told from the deployment not only of Russian jets, but the joint military exercise of airborne troops, as well as all the economic agreements imposed by the Kremlin, - Vital Rymasheuski summarized.

We would remind that yesterday Polands Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that he had spoken on the phone with the ruler of Belarus on the situation in Ukraine.

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