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Leanid Zaika: Lukashenka goes on playing the fool 23

17:34, — Politics

Leanid Zaika: Lukashenka goes on playing the fool

Under the current economic policy Denomination is pointless.

Such an opinion had been expressed by the head of analysis centre Strategy Leanid Zaika, who commented on Lukashenkas statement about readiness for denomination to

Denomination should have been carried out long before, when the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble was almost equal to Euro exchange rate. It was a year ago. And now the question is how many zeroes would be crossed out. If three zeroes would be crossed out, then we have funny people in the government of Belarus, and if four zeroes, then they have some notion of what is money, the expert noted.

The economist added that in order to carry out denomination, inflation should reach at least a level of 5% a year, and it is pointless to denominate money with the current level of Belarusian rubles depreciation.

Now we are witnessing the GDP fall and decrease of industrial and agricultural sectors and simultaneous growth in incomes. That is, the misbalance is great. And if the Belarusian authorities are approaching the issue of denomination seriously, they should not print excessive money. And by continuing playing the fool: printing money, carrying out some schemes of privatization of sausage production, which will follow modernization of wood industry, beer industry and rabbit raising, then 5% inflation, and consequently denomination is to take place in the year 2324, the analyst stressed.

We remind that while having a conversation at OAO 558 Aircraft Repair Plant in Baranavichy today, the Belarusian ruler stated that everything is ready for denomination in Belarus, including new monetary had been printed long time ago, but the country needs a proper moment for it.

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