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Slavyansks invaders get ready for taking Kyiv by storm 23

15:58, — Europa

Slavyansks invaders get ready for taking Kyiv by storm

Gunmens chieftains are preparing armoured vehicles for a campaign against the capital of Ukraine.

A Belarusian journalist Dzmitry Halko stays in the town occupied by separatists and Russian subversives. Today together with his colleagues from other mass media he was detained by militants, and later released. The journalist told to Radio Svaboda about the situation in the city.

- Slavyansk is an occupied town in fact, it is under occupation of certain forces. Many people to whom we talked to in the streets, speak about them as about strangers, who had come out of nowhere. They do not see that as an organic part of their life, they do not really like it. Beside locals, there are some armed people here, they look like servicemen. It is always visible, by clothes, by how they wear clothes, by how they carry weapons. I cannot say what kind of military men they are, they havent told us.

- And what about the military scene, are military clashes taking place?

- Nothing is happening right here, where I stay. But in the morning we were near the building where the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) had been located previously. Armoured vehicles had been carrying out maneuvers there. And their chief commander told that these armoured vehicles are to march to Kyiv, to storm Kyiv. There about 5-6 vehicles there.

- These are possibly the infantry fighting vehicles seized a few days before, or which had been turned up. Have they told where these armoured vehicles are from?

- The commander told that it had been yielded up without a struggle. I certainly cannot check his words. He showed a car which allegedly belonged to a special unit Kobra, which is from Kyiv, not a local one. As said by him, it had been yielded up without striking a blow as well.

We remind that since April 6 Russian groups and local separatists started planned seizures of buildings of administration in Eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as Interior Affairs Ministry and SBU buildings, which attract militants by their armoury arsenals.

In response the authorities of Ukraine have decided to commence an counter-terrorist operation in eastern regions of the country. Troops and military equipment have been deployed in Donbass.

On April 20 in the night an armed provocation took place in the town of Slavyansk in Donetsk region, which had been invaded by terrorists. At about 3 a.m. there was a clash between two groups of citizens at a checkpoint. As a result one to three people died. Several participants of the shoot-out got gunshot wounds. The injured were taken to a hospital. The terrorists used this provocation to ask Putin to bring troops into eastern Ukraine.

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